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We teach, coach and mentor STEM leaders to develop strategies, practices, and styles aligned with their organisation.

Work with us to enjoy greater team engagement, better results and more personal success.

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Imagine a ship.

Thought of one?

And you’re right!

No matter what you thought – a galleon or a UFO – that is the correct answer. When we work with others, lead, or communicate, it’s easy to assume everyone perceives the same thing. Unfortunately, it’s not true. What each of us imagines will always be individual and could be very different.

So what?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter if your perspective is different to mine. But now imagine the subject is your strategy, company goals, your new delivery practice, or client commitments. Interpretations are now critical, and differences create three problems:

1) Team misalignment, conflict and confusion
2) Inefficient and wasteful practices
3) Personal anxiety and stress

How Open Square help

Meet Open Square’s Anti-Model


How does it work?

How we work

Make Sense

Activities to create a shared understanding of your unique situation and landscape, and the place we normally start. Examples include: sense-making, clean-language coaching and facilitated team discussions.

Make Progress

Advice and support to implement the tools, techniques and structures that you need for change. Examples include: organisational design, implementation of aligned project practices and leadership skills.

Make Waves

Observe impact on business metrics, personal fulfilment, and relationships, looping back to progress and sense. Examples include: customer feedback, team engagement and individual impact.

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