Hiring doesn’t need to send you into a spin

I’ve spent much of my career with highly skilled organisations attracting talent and kickstarting their recruitment process.  So in this blog, I have put together some of my hiring tips to think about.

If you’re hiring right now,  you’re probably in one of these camps:-

  1. Yes, I have this nailed. My team are awesome, we’re creating great things, have great ideas, and we love working together.
  2. What are you talking about? It’s just about finding people who are going to fill a role, so I don’t have to do that job any more.
  3. Really? It’s so difficult.  I hate recruitment.
  4. I wish HR (or Recruitment) hurry up and fill my roles.

If you are in 1), fantastic and well done – you are awesome.

If not, read on.

Building your team and hiring great people isn’t just amazing, hiring is the most important thing you’ll do at work.  You want people to bring their best to work, bring their ideas, be autonomous, be accountable and have fun!

And yes, hiring is like Marmite.  There will be days when you lose a great candidate.  But there are also days when you’ll have truly inspiring people join you and it’s those days you celebrate and build upon.

Hiring doesn’t have to be complicated.  In fact, if you are struggling, we recommend you do these:


  • Strip away all the noise, bureaucracy and those 5+ step interviews. You have to be able to move fast to secure your favourite candidate.
  • Build your hiring process like you are telling a story as to why people should be joining you. Be honest and positive.

Share your story

  • Work out what’s great about your business, build your story and share it.

Find a great attitude

  • Hire for future fit. Work out what skills and attitude you need.  What behaviours and values in a person are going to thrive and grow your business?
  • Hire people who can demonstrate Learning Agility. Those that can demonstrate there ongoing learning and ability to adapt.  Change is constant.

Create team dynamics

  • Build a diverse team; don’t hire mini-yous. You are a great leader and entrepreneur, but a team of ‘you’ isn’t going to challenge you and grow the business.

Blend your talent

  • It’s seriously hard work finding someone who has all your technical requirements. Build the ideal and identify what skills you can teach.
  • Work out how you’ll fill the short-term to establish the long-term. Don’t just put a bum on a seat.  For example, apprentices, student placements, work experience, returners, can bring a wealth of fresh ideas.

What are you waiting for?

  • Get your story out there. Being to slow to market will mean you’ll miss out and ultimately your business won’t grow.

Hiring is a big decision.  There are a lot of useful lessons you will learn along the way.

What valuable lessons have you learnt from hiring?


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