Are you chasing the top 10 percent of tech talent?

Last Sunday morning I was watching my son trampolining.

Undaunted about trampolining on his own, he practiced his slides, swerves and jumps.

He took part in dodgeball with a group of kids and generally had lots of fun.

There were a mixture of people.

Adults were keeping fit, parents were watching over their younger children, and then there were around another 40 children.

Of these 40, there were different activities.

Gymnastics – twisting and tumbling, perfecting their routine.

Super excited children jumping higher and higher with their friends.

But most were children unleashed and free, running every which way across all of the trampolines.

Looking closer, there were also seemingly uncoordinated runners. Those so focused on the fun and the journey that they appeared not to care if they ran across another child’s trampoline.

There were those too that were bundling, some were having competitions on who could jump or run the fastest, and there were also a few frustrated children.

Now if you look even closer, there were a couple of children being mindful of those around them. At times wondering why another child would just cut across them. Even so, they offered to let them pass.

Out of all these children, who would you consider the top 10%?

If your intention was to choose the top 10% from what you have observed, who would you select?

–     Would it be the gymnasts practising repeatedly to perfect their skill?

–     Would it be the ‘considerate’ ones, the ones letting others past?

–     Would it be the ‘fun’ ones because it’s great to have some fun?

–     Would it be those in competition, shouting I’m jumping higher, or I’m better than you!

It’s a challenge that organisations face when hiring IT teams. But to consider your own hiring practices, I think it’s good to consider how you are selecting the top 10 percent in a different way.

Depending upon your point of view, all of these are in the top 10 percent and you probably need all of them in your team.

Do you have any tips to share? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

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