About us

We are a boutique consultancy led by Juliet and Stephen, and in concert with a small team of subject matter experts in agility, sense-making, coaching, facilitation and organisational transformation.

Juliet Morris

Sense-Maker and Transformational Coach
With over two decades of experience in people leadership across diverse sectors, Juliet has driven exponential growth by reshaping businesses through strategic coaching and talent development. She has led transformative initiatives, from growing a technology organisation by 248% in three years to crafting bespoke leadership programs resulting in executive transitions to VP and CEO roles. Juliet is passionate about translating complex visions into actionable strategies and fostering a culture of growth and resilience.  Read more about Juliet at julietpmorris.com

Stephen Morris

Sense-Maker, Catalyst, and Team Coach
Stephen is an accomplished and award-winning leader with over two decades of experience in complex, uncertain and high-scale technical organisations. This includes a decade leading customer, infrastructure, product, and software functions in leading UK cloud providers. He now consults in rapidly growing and established global organisations, focusing on complexity, agility, strategy, transformation, and change. Read more about Stephen at stephenemorris.com