client feedback

We love our clients and partners and it’s great when we get feedback that we’ve made a difference.

“The Open Square team have a refreshing and fun presentation style that made the concepts easy to understand yet powerful in their simplicity.  They have been the only trainers I’ve used where I’m still thinking about and discussing the examples they used weeks after the training! I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results.

Stephen was very knowledgeable, professional and clearly passionate about the subject matter.  The Open Square team was able to tailor the whole day to our individual business needs and their straightforward, practical suggestions were highly relevant to our business needs.  We will definitely be using them again!”

“Stephen was very engaging from the start. He did a great job of offering ideas and affirming understandings from the group. Letting thought processes & discussion exercises run wild for a little bit and then rein back to the point of the topic. The tools & tips shared were both simple and practical. The workshop has encouraged me to give sufficient consideration to not only how I approach leadership but how my approach is likely to be received.”

“Really enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions and Stephens approach to structuring these. It was refreshing and highly effective with everyone getting involved. I found the format allowed everyone to be a part of the process, discovering the topics and naturally drawing their conclusions. The discussions on subjects brought up in the session continued for weeks after and was reflected in real life changes observed within the teams.  This to me was testament to the buy in that Stephen achieved within a short period of time.”