In today’s complex and changeable environments, can you afford to navigate alone?

Coaching helps you to imagine a greater future and then supporting you to achieve it.  We believe that everyone has potential beyond what they are currently achieving and know first-hand the transformational impact of a great coach in unlocking that potential.


1:1 Executive & Leadership Coaching

As your personal coach, we will have your back 100%.

We will challenge your thinking, get curious, get creative and explore so you can achieve what’s next.

A range of options are available for you – 1 month intensive, 3, 6  and 12 months.


team coaching

Working with you and your organisation we will help you build a team that rocks! 

Outcomes will be agreed at the start, and we’ll measure the progress with you along the way.

other questions about coaching

Everyone!  Ok – we probably would say that, but genuinely we believe that everyone can benefit from coaching.  We work with aspiring and established leaders wanting to develop their careers, people needing support with a relationship or soft skill issue (like working with a specific person or new team), people who want to be more confident, managers who want to help their teams step up, and many more.

Power-30 is ideal for busy people who are ambitious, career driven and don’t have the time to spend hours in a coaching session.  Additionally, by spreading coaching across 12-months, we’ll give you the accountability to make meaningful progress with the big challenges you are facing.

There certainly are lots of books you can read, and many we recommend are listed in our resources section.  We might even encourage you to read some as part of a coaching relationship.

However, without the dedicated time, encouragement (accountability!) and opportunity to reflect and get feedback, your progress will be slow.  A coach can help you take strides forwards.

Take a look at our bios. And if we’re not the right coach for you, we’ll connect you with the coach that has the experience you need from our trusted network of independent experts.

Individual coaching sessions take place at a mutually convenient location or remotely.

Team and agile coaching will typically take place where the team ‘is’, so at your offices or remotely in group sessions.

Yes we do.  An important component of development, particularly at a team and leadership level, is some level of assessment.  Assessments provide insight, reflection, and an opportunity to guide development.

A coach will typically use assessment to help you understand where you are today, and what might be preventing you from reaching your targets for the future.

We use powerful, reliable, and industry-tested tools to help you identify your strengths and areas of focus.  We include at least a written assessment and a discussion with one of our qualified coaching colleagues.

Available assessments available include:

  • Step I & II Myers Briggs MBTI®
  • SHL Verify Verbal, Numerical, Deductive, Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)
  • Saville Assessment (Willis Towers Watson) Wave Questionnaire, Swift Aptitude Tests
  • Strong
  • Innovation Potential Indicator
  • GPI Fully Customised Psychometric and 360-degree feedback

Yes, based on a discussion about your needs.  We can offer coaching in intensive 1-day events, short-engagement ‘rent-a-brain’ sessions or team-based.  Here’s a brief summary:

Agile coaching:  an agile coach is a partner and catalyst to help an organisation (or an individual or a team) develop, specifically in relation to agile practices, mindset, culture and tools.  Coaches will help you experiment, discover and transform towards a sustainable outcome.

Team coaching:  team coaching (or facilitation) works in a similar way to individual coaching, in that a coach works with you from a position of impartiality. They are therefore able to help you identify blocks, priorities and opportunities more quickly than you would on your own.
Some typical uses of coaching and facilitation are as follows: increasing trust, encouraging collaboration, improving processes, identifying priorities, developing goals, opportunity mapping or even delivery planning.

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