Would you like to go further, faster?

While coaching transforms individuals and teams, and training opens minds and inspires action, sometimes you need something to happen quickly.  You need a catalyst.

This is where external consulting can make a massive impact, and we provide expertise across three core areas.

agile consulting

At its core, agile is about experimenting and adapting to create (greater) value.  Agile thinking can be incredibly powerful, delivering results and progress even in the most complex and changeable environments.  However, whether you are a single team or a global corporate, there is no single formula for success with agile.  By design, every path and outcome is unique.

We recognise this, and that’s why we put a strong emphasis on sustainability.  We will meet you wherever you are now, with success for us being your growth and development beyond where you need our help.  We want you to BE agile, not just DO agile.

Do you recognise your current situation?

  • I want to try agile but don’t know where to begin.  Is it even relevant for me?
  • How do we scale the agile work we’ve done already?
  • Why is Scrum working in some parts of our organisation, but not others?
  • Agile has generated value, but I was expecting much more.  What’s going on?
  • How do I help the non-IT parts of my organisation with agile practices?
  • How do we develop an agile mindset and culture?
  • Delivery isn’t predictable; do we need more structure or governance?

If so, we can help.  Get in touch for a zero-pressure call and let’s see what we can do together.

change consulting

Change in IT has long been a constant, but whether we’re talking about new practices, new technologies or Customer demands, the volume, disruption and complexity is increasing.  Meanwhile in the press, a fascination continues with transformation failure (“84% Of Companies Fail At Digital Transformation” – Forbes, “Only 30 percent of change programs succeed” – Kotter, “The vast majority of organisational change efforts fail [estimates vary from 60-80%]” – CEO World).

What’s going on?  Simply put, intentional change isn’t easy, and the bigger the change, the greater the number of moving parts needing consideration.  Instead of building greater governance, our consultants approach change from an iterative, agile perspective.  There’s still very much an ‘eye on the prize’ – we want you to derive value – and we achieve that through focus on the small slices that build to make a massive difference.

Do you recognise your current situation?

  • I just don’t know how we approach [this specific] change!
  • What can we do to increase engagement in this change?
  • How do I help people understand how important this change is?
  • Some teams are resisting the programme.  What can we do?
  • We’re not seeing the adoption that we expected.  How can we accelerate?
  • How do we inspire ownership and accountability for the change?
  • We’ve been communicating and transparent, but it’s not getting through!

If so, we can help.  Get in touch for a zero-pressure call and let’s see what we can do together.

talent consulting

Great organisations need great teams, and great teams need great people to join them.  That might seem like an obvious cliché, but there is something unavoidable about it: if you cannot attract and hire effectively, your ability to deliver and perform can stagnate or worse, go backwards.  If however you can develop your ability to hire effectively (quality people quickly), the sky’s the limit.

We very much recognise the distinction, having built a number of award-winning employer brand and talent solutions to solve this problem. Using key data and insight, we work with our clients to uncover and remove the real barriers standing in the way of effective hiring.

Our approach starts with a full appraisal of your current hiring situation, concluding in a set of key recommendations that we will share.  Depending on your ability to act on those recommendations, we will either support ‘hands-off’ with your existing HR and Recruitment teams or partner more closely with hiring managers and your recruitment partners.  It’s always our aim to improve your own ability to hire effectively.

Do you recognise your current situation?

  • How do we hire more people into our teams?
  • How can we make our organisation visible to the best engineers?
  • We’re awesome!  Why don’t we have people applying for our roles?
  • How do we attract great people to our organisation?
  • How can we hire more quickly?

If so, we can help.  Get in touch for a zero-pressure call and let’s see what we can do together.

other questions about consulting

We maintain an independent network of experts with real-world experience in organisational development, culture, talent, engagement, agile leadership, business agility and agile and lean techniques.  Based on your aspirations, we’ll connect you with the coach, consultant or mentor with the experience and expertise you need.  All our consultants expect to meet and interview with you as is necessary in advance of any placement.