individual and team coaching

Coaching has been proven to stretch capability, grow mindsets and enable people to achieve more.   It can increase self reliance and self esteem, improve relationships and increase job satisfaction.  We offer coaching for individuals, coaching and facilitation for teams and assessment services.  What are you waiting for?

How can we support you?

Find out how we can help you think differently and get serious about your future.  Below are some of the ways we can support you.

Do you get frustrated at work?  Are you struggling to connect with a colleague, a boss or a team?  Do you want to push yourself further?  Are you stuck doing something you don’t want to do?  Are you considering a different career?

These are important questions.  To solve the challenges they hold you may have already tried self-help books or spoken to friends and relatives.  But have you really dedicated any time to understand what you want to do in your career, how you are going to get to there or why you’re stuck?  A coach can help you take strides forwards.

Imagine for a second a tennis player wanting to play at the top level.  Would they get a coach?  Almost certainly, yes!  The same is true of people in business, and likewise coaching is an investment that pays back.

We know first-hand the transformational impact of a great coach, and what can happen when people go it alone: a feeling of being ‘stuck’, increased anxiety and often more dissatisfaction with work or a relationship.  If you’re in a place like this, can you justify the cost of not getting support?

Bring your dreams, your fears, and your uncertainties.  We will help you, even challenge you to dig deep and answer questions that can transform your thinking and open your mind.  This dedicated time is yours to have an open and confidential discussion.

That’s the magic of coaching.

Individual coaching is focused time on you, your future and the steps you will take.  We will explore where you are in your life and career, discover your vision and values, and help you to navigate your journey.   Whatever and wherever you are, we will work through it.

Within a team, there is likely to be a complex network of interpersonal relationships.  Some people prefer working with others, some happier on their own.  Some people are easy for others to collaborate with, while others might be more challenging.  Some people may be drawn towards other similar people.

These preferences – that different people have different preferences for how they communicate and make decisions – have been well-studied and industry-tested by psychologists.  The most famous in this field being Carl Jung, whose theories have been built upon and adapted by many others to make them more accessible for a wider audience.

We make use of Myers Briggs personality types and profiling (Myers and Briggs were one of the first to widen the use of Jung’s thinking), to identify what our own preferences are and how to identify preferences in others.  Knowing this, and spending time together to learn and appreciate how others best take in information can be extremely powerful in bringing teams together.

These sessions can run in either 1-day or 2-day format.

Intended audience:  Leaders and managers of teams (together with their teams), or peer groups.

As an extension of our individual and team building sessions, we also offer direct coaching and facilitation of teams.

Team coaching (and / or facilitation) works in a similar way to individual coaching, in that a coach works with you from a position of impartiality.  They are therefore able to help you identify blocks, priorities and opportunities more quickly than you would on your own.

Some typical uses of coaching and facilitation are as follows:  reaching a difficult decision, gathering feedback, identifying priorities, developing goals, risk planning, opportunity mapping or programme planning.

Please talk to us for more information.

Intended audience:  Leaders and managers of teams (together with their teams), or peer groups.

Some level of assessment is a critical (and included) step in our coaching, and we offer this option ‘standalone’ if you’re simply looking for a point of self-reflection.

We strongly believe that everyone has potential beyond what they are currently achieving.  Coaching can help you understand what that target is and to have the best opportunity to reach it, you must also understand yourself and your strengths today.

We use powerful, reliable and industry tested tools to help you identify your strengths and areas of focus.  We include at least a written assessment and a discussion with one of our qualified coaching colleagues.

Option 1:  Individual development assessment using Myers Briggs MBTI®
Option 2:  360-degree feedback (confidential input from colleagues, peers, even Customers) using GPI