Make sense.

Make progress.

Make waves.

Intentionally navigate context and complexity to achieve better results for you, your teams, and whole organisation.

Imagine a ship.

What did you think of?

An 19th century galleon?

A passenger ship?

Even a spaceship?

And you’re right, no matter what you thought.

When we work with others, when we lead, or when we communicate, it’s easy to assume that everyone perceives the same thing as us. Unfortunately, it’s not true, and the thing that each of us imagines will always be individual and could be very different. So what?

When we’re casually talking about boats, it doesn’t really matter if your interpretation is different to mine. But what happens if we change the stakes? Imagine now that the subject is our strategy or targets for leadership, our customer excellence goals or the latest delivery model, the meaning of our employee engagement or the value we are trying to create for our customers. With complex business topics, an array of interpretations is now material, and that creates three problems:

1) Misalignment and confusion
2) Inefficient and ineffective practice
3) Delays and stress

What can we do?

The Open Square Anti-Model

Every client, team, and individual we work with are unique. They have unique markets, solutions, problems, relationships, capabilities, and desires. It would be dishonest to tell you what you need before we’ve even taken the time to work together and understand the landscape you’re in.

Thus, our starting point is NEVER a fixed model, it is our anti-model. A high-level palette with three themes to create blended solutions specifically for you.

Make Sense: Activities to deepen a shared understanding of your unique situation and landscape.

Make progress: Tools and techniques to create the structures, practices, skills, and methods – the scaffolding – that you need to drive forward.

Make waves: Observe impact to business metrics, personal fulfilment, and relationships, while continuing to adapt.

About us

We are a boutique consultancy led by Juliet and Stephen, specialising in leadership and team coaching, ways of working, facilitation, and training. We work in concert with a small team of subject matter experts in agility, sense-making, coaching, facilitation, and organisational transformation.

Sense-Maker, Catalyst, and Team Coach

Stephen is an accomplished and award-winning leader with over two decades of experience in complex, uncertain and high-scale technical organisations. This includes a decade leading customer, infrastructure, product, and software functions in leading UK cloud providers. He now consults in rapidly growing and established global organisations, focusing on complexity, agility, strategy, transformation, and change. See more at

Sense-Maker and Transformational Coach

With over two decades of experience in people leadership across diverse sectors, Juliet has driven exponential growth by reshaping businesses through strategic coaching and talent development. She has led transformative initiatives, from growing a technology organisation by 248% in three years to crafting bespoke leadership programs resulting in executive transitions to VP and CEO roles. Juliet is passionate about translating complex visions into actionable strategies and fostering a culture of growth and resilience.  See more at

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Our training site with courses, downloads and information for a variety of practices. Follow us on LinkedIn for special offers. See more on our Training Site

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