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Alongside our coaching and leadership development programme, we offer one-off and short-programme workshops covering topics we have found to add great value to teams and delivery.  All courses are available in-house and as open, public workshops.

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Complexity is going up, and the ability to control and predict it, down.  The challenge for leaders and organisations is how they keep up and deliver reliably when people, technology and customer demands are constantly changing.

In our experience in these changeable environments, the most successful teams are those that are based on a culture of collaboration, development and improvement; a growth mindset if you will.  Almost all teams include individuals who do this innately, but across a group – if that behaviour isn’t the expected normal – their value will likely get lost, and people will behave more like individuals sat together rather than a team.

If you’re leading a group that’s lacking cohesion, we’d strongly recommend the use of coaching practices.  Learning to listen, support and help others to find their own solutions drives developmental behaviour.  Get this behaviour working across the whole team and the results can be astounding.  The change starts with you, the leader.

This 2-day workshop combines theory, experience and practice to give you methods and the foundation you need to become a coaching leader.

Intended audience:  Leaders and managers of teams, leaders of leaders.

Information Technology is a fascinating, creative and exciting profession.  The results of the work we do can have profound effects on our society, economy and well-being; there are examples everywhere.  The companies that have thrived and have been behind these results have had one thing in common:

They have hired, inspired and retained teams of the very best leaders and engineers.

As we begin the fourth industrial revolution, it’s already hard to hire, inspire and retain the very best leaders and teams.  We expect this to get harder in the coming years, and the key challenges IT leaders face today will continue to grow.  With the right people, the opportunity is immense.  So, the BIG question:

How do you get enough talented, multi-skilled people who fit your business through the front door?

This 1-day workshop, led by Juliet Morris, an award-winning specialist in talent, takes you through the priorities, practices and processes you must have to win more of the best people in this competitive landscape.

Intended audience: Human resources, recruitment teams, functional leaders and managers involved in hiring

Change is an incredibly common word, and an incredibly common reality for many of our businesses and teams.

In definition, change is “an act or process through which something becomes different”

From the outside, we all understand the essential need for change whether we’re talking about politics, instilling a new way of thinking or simply updating an out of date process.  The view from the inside is often very different, however.  When we’re faced with change there can be many competing priorities, differing views of the current and future state and resistance from numerous sources.

The reality is rarely a unanimous and simultaneous step in the same direction.

Imagine you want to adopt new practices, develop your culture or change the behaviour of your Customers.

This 1-day workshop will introduce you to the key behaviours and actions you need to take when embarking on change.  You’ll learn about the psychology of change, frameworks you can use and methods to keep your teams and stakeholders with you.

Intended audience:  Anyone sponsoring or leading change activity in a business

We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution.  Technologies that a few years ago seemed infantile are reaching adolescence and, in many cases, becoming ubiquitous.  Developments like big data, cloud computing,

artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotisation alone are changing the lives of millions.  Together, they’re going to change the world.

Tied up in this change is a revolution in how we work.  Mobile and remote working already make up at least part of most roles (on-call, work-from-home, in-the-field workers, part-time and so on), and the World Economic Forum anticipate this to increase.   The best engineers are already more like consulting specialists than traditional 9-5 workers.

The challenge for leaders, who likely want to harness the potential of the new technologies, is how to organise, lead and achieve results with teams that frequently change.

How do you engage and organise rapidly changing and dispersed teams?

This 1-day workshop will help you understand where transient teams are likely to occur in your business, the essential actions you must take as a leader and guides for how to develop autonomy and deeper ownership of goals in these teams.

Intended audience:  Leaders and managers with dispersed, mixed (short/long-term) and rapidly changing teams.

Leaders face a great deal of information, receive varying demands and need to share insights and decisions regularly with their teams, Customers and stakeholders.  A leader’s ability to receive and communicate effectively is an essential skill, and from our experience there’s a spectrum of capability, the best being able to actively listen, interpret and be clearly understood.

Effective communication is critical for:

  • the alignment of teams (promoting engagement, ownership and autonomy)
  • limiting waste (effort spent in the right place)
  • team/individual wellbeing (understanding and responding to individual needs)

Centred on your own vision and purpose, this 1-day workshop will dive into where you and your teams are, where you’re heading and then share a framework and methods for making sure that people understand your targets.

Intended audience:  Leaders and managers of teams, leaders of leaders.

Strip back all the systems, software and processes and business is just about people dealing with people.  Whether we’re trying to persuade a Customer to buy, we’re making a change or collaborating on a project, our humanity has a big impact on whether we’ll succeed.

Our growing understanding of psychology and neuroscience is allowing individuals and teams to understand the world in new ways.  This starts to explain why some things in business are harder to do than you’d expect, why results can come from counter-intuitive actions and how this makes some advertising work so well.

Knowing more about why people might act the way that they do can give you a great advantage whether you are implementing a change, seeking to improve the quality of a service or solving problems.

In this 1/2-day workshop we will examine some of the science around biases and behaviours, specifically the concept of psychological safety and how a lack of it can stop the best individuals reaching anywhere close to their potential.

Intended audience:  Leader and managers of teams, leaders of leaders.

Myers-Briggs® or MBTI™ is applicable to all levels of teams up to and including board level and is run by a licensed practitioner.

Workshops can be tailored to your requirements looking at understanding team dynamics, problem-solving, communication and help understand how each individual prefers to learn and work.  Each participant will undertake the official online questionnaire before the workshop and will receive a profile report.

These workshops are highly interactive and provide an opportunity to get to know how MBTI™ works and get to know team members.

Research has shown that self-awareness and awareness of others is key for high performance.

MBTI™ Step I and Step II workshops are available as an introduction to MBTI™ or as more specific workshops (such as communication).